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Bell tower of the cathedral
Bell tower of the cathedral
Korčula, the main town on Korčula Island is one of the pearls of Croatia's Adriatic coast. Thanks to the abundance of its historic monuments Korčula's old town is on UNESCO's World Heritage tentative list. The settlement, which was originally founded by ancient Greeks, gained its standing structure and features mainly during the 15-16th centuries, its churches, palaces, houses, fortifications are beautiful examples of art of the gothic, renaissance and baroque eras.

The town of Korčula is not exactly a vacation destination, it's more like a popular place to visit in the course of day trips or tours. Its visitors come from Pelješac peninsula with ferry or boats, by boats from other areas of the Adriatic or on road from other places on Korčula Island. Of course, if someone would like to spend the holidays here, everything is available to make it a pleasant memory. A bunch of hotels, a resort and campsite are situated on the eastern side of the town, apartments and rooms for short term rentals are available all over the place.

The choice of beaches is somewhat limited in the town itself. There is no bigger beach in the town, there still are a couple of locations for bathing, like Luka Bay has a sandy beach below Camp Kalac. Banje Beach on the eastern side of the town is considered to be The beach in Korčula, it has gravel coast. Next to the southwestern corner of the old town one would find a small gravel beach, too, however, this one is very much urban. Going west towards the Dominican monastery there are small beaches with gravel entrances to the sea. Those who prefer large beaches would go to Lumbarda for its sandy, yet crowded beaches. For more relaxing places one would head to west and visit places like Kneže, Račišće, or, get to Pupnatska Luka through Žrnovo.

Korčula has a status of a town, so, it's equipped with services, shops and amenities. Korčula offers dozens of restaurants and bars, mainly concentrated in the old town, serving Dalmatian and international food.

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Korčula from east, from the sea
Korčula from east, from the sea

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